Saturday, December 5
Head N Heel
22309 Rodeo Drive
Brooksville, Fl 34602

Exhibition 9-11
Show at 11:30
$400 added

Thank you so much to everyone bearing with us while we learn our new normal! You have 2 options to enter district 6 NBHA shows: 1. Pre-enter! You can pre-enter starting the Monday before the show. Please EMAIL nbhafl06@gmail.com. Pre-entries will be cut off at 8PM on Friday night before the show, and I will post them on our district Facebook page by 8:30. You may pay by Paypal (nbhafl06@gmail.com) or with cash at the show. 2. Enter at the show! You can enter there and pay with cash or through Paypal (nbhafl06@gmail.com). EVERYONE MUST BE ENTERED AND FEES PAID BEFORE THE FIRST RUNNER RUNS! Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

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