1)  All participants in NBHA District 6 must be current members in good standing at the time of show.  
2)  All NBHA Rules will apply as set forth in NBHA Rulebook.  
3)  Horse and rider combination may not change draw positions under any circumstance.
4)  No rider substitutions allowed.  
5)  If participant competes out of turn, he/she will be disqualified.  
6)  Electric timer must be used for all rides.  Should the timer malfunction, a rerun will be granted immediately after the event is completed for the day, and after a drag, or at the discretion of the show manager.  
7)  Horse may only run once per class.  Exception Rule 12 Section A in the NBHA Rule book.  
8)  The carryover rule may be used for the Youth and Senior Divisions.
9)  NBHA Officials have the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse which doesn't begin its performance within two minutes of the time rider has been called.  
10)  Any questions or disputes that may arise during the show will be settled by the District Director.  His/her decision will be final.  
11)  Once a horse and rider combination crosses timeline your run begins.
12)  Knocking over a barrel results in a no time.  
13)  There will be no reruns granted if a horse falls during competition run.   

This page was last updated: October 20, 2016

Per NBHA Headquarters we will no longer be able to accomodate anyone with early or late draws for work or other commitments.  If we have any open holes in the draw prior to the show starting all draws will be moved up to fill in the slots. 

See below for the updated information from our State Director Linda Jones on how the Districts in Florida will handle the use of the 5D Format.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sharon McDonnell @ nbhafl06@gmail.com 
1. All Florida Districts are required to keep 5D Points for World Show Qualifications ONLY.2. The bottom half of the 3D will become the 4D and the 4D will become the 5D.3. Florida District shows will continue to run and point on the 4D format for payout and District awards.5. The Florida State Show will be run on the 4D Format.
*** basically the best way to figure this out is...... 
if you place in the 4D money at a show then your points will be in the 5D
the horses that normally fall in the "cracks" between the 3D and 4D payout will be the ones that receive the 4D points
REMEMBER:  If you are shown in the "points" in the 4D THEN YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AWARDS.

 Effective January 1, 2015, individuals who wish to enter the World Championships or Youth World Championships using a wildcard that they did not personally win must have been an NBHA member in good standing for one (1) full year before the day the event begins.
 (NOTE) This rule was scheduled to go into effect in 2014, but NBHA officials feel that the rule was not made public to the entire membership in a timely manner. Anyone using a wildcard that they did not personally win may enter the 2014 World Championships or 2014 Youth World Championships without restriction. 


 Rick Hardy
 Membership Director
Qualification Period For The 2015 Florida State Show Starts NOW!!

JUNE 2014 – JUNE 2015

Competing in Three (3) NBHA Shows Within this Time Frame is Mandatory for Eligibility.

Don’t wait and miss qualifying!.
Hello Friends & Members,

We are winding down our 2016 season and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank each and every one of you for welcoming me and my family back to District 6 earlier this year with open arms! I appreciate all the barrel setting, exhibition line, sign up and booth help! Trust me, I need all the help I can get! Ya'll are the best!  
I just received notification from the National office that we will again qualify the top 7 in each division to the World shows for next year! That is great news, we have 2 shows left to qualify this year so make sure you don't miss them! Our membership is growing every show!

I have a couple things I would like to ask of you to make sure sign up goes smoothly and there are no errors in points, memberships, etc. When filling out your cards, please be sure to put your correct name that your membership is in, district and member number on your cards, this makes life soooo much easier for myself and Sonia when entering you into the computer, verifying info for show points and year end. Also, it is your responsibility to keep track of your membership and when it expires. I will be more than happy to send it in for you, just bring it to any show and I will mail it to the national office. You have 30 days or the next district show to renew, whichever comes 1st so that you don't lose your points!  

I have started working on our 2017 schedule and should start posting some dates for next years shows by December. I am planning to get the schedule nailed down from January to June for starters and wait a little bit before scheduling the remaining 6 months of the year so that we can schedule around some of the bigger shows that pop up later in the year that I know everyone likes to go to. It's impossible to schedule around everything but I will try my best to schedule our shows when it will be best for our district. Additionally, from May through Sept we will have evening shows due to the Florida heat!  

For those of you new to the district or anyone that has a question about how our payout is calculated or where our added money comes from, here is a break down of how the open is calculated.

$30 Entry Fee
 -$1 State Fee
 -$7 Awards Fund
 -$6 Host Fee
$16 Goes into payout 

These amounts deducted are slightly less for the youth and senior classes because the entry fees are less. Our exhibition money is what makes up our added money for our shows. If we sell 100 exhibition tickets each show @ $4 per ticket, we have our added money covered every show. The award fund is one bank account that all of our proceeds from all our shows goes into. Additionally, our expenses come out of these funds also. Our year end awards are based on these funds and the amounts are not always the same from year to year depending on show attendance throughout the year. We plan to have a budget for awards by the end of this year so that our award committee can get started purchasing lots of nice awards for our world qualifiers.  

If you have any questions regarding any of this, please come see myself or Sonia and we can show you on the computer how it all calculates.  
I am looking forward to a fun 2017 NBHA season with all of you! Send me a message by email, fb or feel free to call or text me with any suggestions, questions or concerns and I will do my best to help you!