Draw # Rider's First Name Rider's Last Name Horse's Name
111 Vicki  Anderson Peps Wittle Wrangler
57 Delanna Bandel Stella
141 Larry Barton Jets American Class
42 Donna Bickhart Red Hot And Nonstop
115 Diana Blanchard Ima Money Train
147 Dennis Blount KCS Maggie
16 Barbara Brown Ronas Jet Pursuit
103 Barbara Brown Stardust Dun It
70 Joe  Brown Flick A Dash
43 Kimberly Brown Jazzy
132 Kimberly Brown Positively Murphys Law
32 Jennifer Butcher Chicados Gotta Bully
144 Jennifer Butcher Confederate Fire
97 Lori Butler Bankin The Cash
10 Lori Butler Rowdys A Good Time
102 Bonnie Calhoun Guys Little Peppy
107 Holly Calhoun VF Designer Jeans
58 Linda Capozzoli French N Tonic
49 Jo Carns Delightfully First
137 Jo Carns Watchin Redbuck
78 Mary Michelle Cartwright Jetson's Playgirl
63 Charlene Cason Mr. Snazzy Jet
121 Stacie Clair Call Me A Starlight
38 Stacie Clair Dun It By Starlight
89 Joe  Colavito Dun It Precious Gal
112 Annie Cook Gun Powder N Lead
28 Annie Cook Smokes Drifter
93 Wendy Culberson GL Dashing Nonstop
11 Wendy Culberson He's Downrite Famous
125 Cherise Dallaire Batman
37 Cherise Dallaire Driftin Too Fame
75 Heidi Dana Hero Got Perks
19 Kathy Davidson GL Dashing Wilma
148 Sherrie Dixon Dulce Peppy Sykes
2 Sherrie Dixon Seymour Tari
50 Sherrie Dixon Sunkinda Wonder
96 Sherrie Dixon Wonders Wizard
110 Cindy Downs Go Ahead Girl Friend
17 Cindy Downs Krimps Macho Wonder
56 Jessie Elliott Set A Fire
39 Priscilla Feller Special Lookin
25 Darlene Ferrell C.E. Standing Ovation
126 Teresa Flamm Crews N Perry Lane
142 Boo Flournoy CS Workin Girl
8 Boo Flournoy Nik A Tyme
69 Boo Flournoy Shining Green
86 Molleetha Gomez Hoops Stash of Cash
27 Tammie Graves Dicks Last Honor
76 Sherry  Groff RS Atlanta Frost
53 Kathy Gulsby Renaissance
24 Bob  Haberlandt Chicado At Da Bar
95 Tracy Haberlandt A Prime Design
140 Georgia Hager Chico Sanolena
146 Buddy Hall Gin N Nitro Kaboom
82 Lisa Harmon Boo
54 Becky Hayes Gold In Kasey's Fire
47 Caryn Henry Camis Pink Pal
138 Caryn Henry Wonders Majorette
60 Cynthia  Holley Fatboy Skeet
83 JoAnn Hopkins Three D Player
100 Dellrie Humphrey Peppy
46 Nancy Ingram Suzanne Cat
13 JoAnn Ives Missy Struttin Ahead
124 JoAnn Ives Runnin Straight
85 Jodi Jansen Bodacious Booty
74 Karen   Jones Colonel's Real Money
68 Gary Jones  Mr. Speedwrench
106 Caren King Sunnie
29 Nancy Leach Chexy Lena
117 Nancy Leach Helluva Chic
40 Linda Lee Sunfrostsouthrnstyle
30 Tracy Lehman Fancy Dream Winner
21 Beckie Lewis Jetta Rodayo
129 Beckie Lewis Jiggy Got Sox
80 Betty Lewis Hands Off Dave
62 Donna Lowery GL Jets Will Go
99 Karen Mayo  Malcolm Cashing In On Bugs
6 Karen Mayo  Malcolm Krimpsfrostedwonder
67 Melissa Mason Just About Hickory
104 Susan Matthews Val On Ice
108 Janet McLain Fires Special Angel
26 Janet McLain Specially Famous
79 Amber Meridith Reds Right On The Money
88 Karen Miller This Gals A Jet
123 Lisa Miller Tip One Back
35 Lisa Miller Twice A Shiney Badger
150 Gary Milton Salvador Red Bar
130 John Moseley Brandow Lil Badger
72 Pam  Mosher My Little Rescue Cherokee
31 Lisa Murray Spit Curl Brown
94 Sue Parker MJ Cartel Ta Fame
3 Sue Parker Smooth Jettin Girl
134 Trinkette Parker LS Six Streaken Jet
48 Trinkette Parker MP Hay Shes May PayDay
20 Cindy Pearce Ms. Goldy Bell
81 Kim Perron Executive Wrangler
64 Bonnie Sue Peters True Collection
116 Mark Peters Cowboy Chaos
1 Boyd Phillips Flit For A Prince
98 Boyd Phillips Starberts How Boat
122 Joey Pickhardt Fames New Effort
33 Joey Pickhardt Feelin Right Special
105 Holly Purvis Blazer B Flyin
23 Dave Ralph Im Mint To Be Special
114 Dave Ralph Im Today's Special
15 Amy Ramie Fire Roasted
113 Amy Ramie This Dude Can Dash
7 Kim Redfern Patrickgoforthegreen
34 Mary Jane Robinson Runaway Jackpot
101 Susan Ross Cats Eye Gem
41 Debbie Ruth Hez Dualin Too
149 Betty  Schlossberg Chicks Smart Corona
84 Debbie Semarge Streak On Frenchgirl
136 Julie Shaw CA Cat O Mine
151 Lois Shelley Flit Bars Spiderman
9 Lois Shelley Hesa Famous Bully
73 Lois Shelley Lena's Smart Tivio
143 Shelli Smiley Blazen Fun
5 Shelli Smiley Cool Duckish Sight
66 Shelli Smiley Packing Firewater
131 Julie Smith CA High Doc Cat
51 Tina  Spangler Runaway Brisco
92 Alan Staley Blondit By The Sun
4 Alan Staley Miz Bhaving Barbie
22 Tammie Steele Dazzles Little Sis
118 Tammie Steele Missie
65 Laurie Stossel Girly Girl
90 Robbi Sumner Haidas Darlin
52 Bobby Sutton Zues
87 Dink Thagard VF Guaranteed Streak
91 Julie Townsend Lady Sunfrost
71 Jimmy Turnbull Beechers Valentine
14 Tamara Turnbull Reds Real Jet
18 Evelyn Twiss Cartel Sapphire Blue
109 Evelyn Twiss Miss Special Magic
77 Helen Valentine Candy
45 Debbie  Walker Burnin In Reality
127 Debbie  Walker Shez Streakin Hot
61 Buster Ward Haida's Freckle Lena
135 Patricia Waters First One Leaving
119 Sue Watts Cool Bullion
36 Sue Watts Frozen Passion
145 Michelle Welker Scotch Crown
139 Gloria Whiteaker Playboy's Thunder
120 Dawn Wilborn Docs Easy Stick
133 Shellie Wykoff Cashman
44 Shellie Wykoff Six Gold Strings
128 Gay Wynn GL Dashin To A Te
12 Gay Wynn Streaken Frenchman
55 Patty Youngblood GL Jet Eyed Two
59 Michelle Zelones Coal Crow Raven