Florida State Show!!!
June 16-20, 2021

 There are 2 options to enter district 6 NBHA shows: 1. Pre-enter! You can pre-enter starting the Monday before the show. Please EMAIL nbhafl06@gmail.com. Pre-entries will be cut off at 8PM on Friday night before the show, and I will post them on our district Facebook page by 8:30. You may pay by Paypal (nbhafl06@gmail.com) or with cash at the show. Paypal must also be sent before 8:00pm on Friday night. 2. Enter at the show! You can enter there and pay with cash. EVERYONE MUST BE ENTERED AND FEES PAID BEFORE THE FIRST RUNNER RUNS! If you pre-enter and decide not to come, YOU MUST DRAW OUT OR YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY THE ENTRY FEE!!

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